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Zagora lies in the south-west of Morocco is a location that’s inextricably connected with the Sahara Desert. Named after the nearby mountain, Zagora was a stronghold of the Almoravid folks, and their heritage can nevertheless be viewed in the neighboring hills. Beyond the city is the wonderful Draa Valley, which follows the twists and turns of the river – a memorable area where thick groves of palm trees line the turns and twists of the lake, whereas the Jbel Saghro mountain range rises in the background.

The People of Zagora

Zagora and its neighboring areas are currently home of many ethnic communities that have emerged and co-existed because of the very first Saadi dynasty. According to the overall 2004 census, there are approximately 25,928 men and women in the provincial zone of Zagora (such as villages nearby).

The social standing of Zagora’s inhabitants is under the middle course. The majority of them reside either as peasants at the oasis of Draa or as employees in the tourism sector such as hotels and travel agencies, while some are state workers working in public institutions. Zagora assembles lots of minority groups, such as numerous Amazigh tribes out of Ait Atta clan, and black African teams that emigrated from Sub-Saharan Africa, together with the Caravans.

Zagora Dunes

Zagora desert is rugged and there aren’t as many sand dunes. Do not get me wrong, you may see some small sand dunes surrounding you. Let us put it this way. In Zagora desert are only a couple of sand dunes, only a few smaller mountains of sand. And do not envision substantial sand dunes that are larger than you have to scale them. If you are looking for huge sand dunes, then you have to drive to Erg Chegaga near M’hamid El Ghizlane. A 4×4 needed.

Zagora Hotel

There are numerous guesthouses, riads,  hotel in Zagora and the quality varies. Riad du Sud has fine rooms and a gorgeous garden in near the palm grove. The chambers that welcome you in the Kasbah Hotel Riad Riad du Sud are assembled around the flower gardens. Each room has its own bathroom, air-condition is simply but tastefully decorated. The rooms give you a timeless and genuine ambiance, ensuring a relaxed and serene stay.

In the dunes, you will find desert camps where you are able to sleep under thousands of stars or within a Berber tent.

Zagora Airport

Zagora now has a small airport, but most people choose to fly to Marrakech or Ouarzazate, which can be done with internal flights. The journey to Ouarzazate is about 100 km, while Marrakech is about 225 km.

Zagora Restaurant

Zagora has many cafés and restaurants. The couscous, a conventional household dish, is ready with broadly hand-rolled semolina. The Tagine, typical of Moroccan cuisine, is a stew of spiced vegetables and meat ready by slow cooking at a tagine – a shallow earthenware cooking dish using a tall, conical lid – above a coal fire. The stew can be prepared with several distinct ingredients, like lamb with prunes and almonds, or lemon chicken. Last, do not forget that the national drink is mint tea.

If you are looking for a quiet and elegant restaurant in Nkob, then Zagora Restaurant will be a great chose for you.

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