Morocco is known for its stunning cultural heritage and craft traditions, out of Berber rugs to colorful silk embroidery. Here is what souvenirs you have to bring home if you are planning to go to Morocco.

Artisanal Soaps

With herbs such as rosemary and lavender and ingredients such as argan oil locally developed in Marrakech, artisan soaps are a beautiful souvenir. Orange blossom water and even jasmine result in lovely soaps and sprays, although the adding of argan oil from a few soap manufacturers provide additional moisturizer.


It goes without saying that, if you are considering purchasing argan, Morocco is your place to get it done. To find the very best memorabilia from Morocco you need something that’s extra special. That’s argan! Argan is developed in the southern areas of the nation. There are two varieties of argan: decorative and culinary. You will have to define which one you are after. It’s only offered in bottles as oil, but you will also find a lot of goods which contains argan. Recall: argan is created only in Morocco!


There’s absolutely no doubt that you will see hundreds of different kinds of handmade antiques and antique ceramics throughout your trip in Morocco. Plates, cups, bowls, ornamental pieces,… The list continues on and on. If you are flying you can ask to get those things packed in bubble wrap.


The leather is made in substantially the exact same way as it has been for centuries. The famous tanning souks of the Medina are among the most photographed places in Morocco. Leather can be used for numerous items, from leather clothes and handbags into slippers and poufs. You’ll come across lots of unique attributes of leather made out of various kinds of skin such as camel, cow, sheep, and goat. The cost of these items is based on the sort of leather.


The taste of spices out of Morocco is far better than you will have the ability to detect in many markets in Europe. They also make an affordable and effortless present to transport.

You may purchase all kind of spices at any store selling dried merchandise. Avoid stores that look simply for tourists as you’re certain to be overpaid.

You might choose to wait till the end of your trip to buy spices so they are definitely fresh. Unless you are at some place which is specialized – such as saffron in Tafrouat.


A fashion popular for both men and women – at winter for both and in the summertime for girls – different styles and high quality of djellaba are readily available. Catch a vibrant women’s djellaba at one of the numerous stores in Souk Smarrine or visit one of those trendy boutiques to get a designer choice.

Berber baskets

Offered in all color combinations and dimensions, the baskets are very decorative.


A handmade antique lamp or lantern is a fantastic souvenir to take home. Lighter weight lanterns are the most economical but are usually made out of aluminum. You would not like to pack them in your bag since they will probably bend and if you do not have room to carry it yourself, paying to ship it home might not truly be well worth the value. Instead, invest in a more heavy duty fixture.


Morocco is a culinary paradise for olive-lovers, everybody knows that. You’ll find the pure fresh olive here. Olives with harissa and other spices are available as well. Whatever you wish you will find it here! Furthermore, the olives are ridiculously cheap. Just for around 15 Dh, you may have one kilo of olives.

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