Chefchaouen Trekking

One of the main characteristics of Chefchaouen is the location and mountains that surround it. It is located on the bottom of this Rif mountain which is the northern mountain range of Morocco. In this mountain, there are peaks and panoramic valleys waiting to be explored. These physical characteristics of this mountain make it one of the very popular destinations for hiking in the Rif Mountains.

Chefchaouen Trekking

Chefchaouen Trekking

You are not going to have the capability to withstand the lure of the Rif Mountains which surround Chefchaouen, particularly in the event that you like taking walks of almost any type. You are able to enjoy real incredible perspectives by simply taking a day hike or a longer trek. Snow dust covers slopes that are elevated, and you’ll be able to see the sparkling waters of the Mediterranean on clear days. A compulsory location to see is your Talassemtane national park that’s just nearby. The famous highlight here is that the God’s Bridge; it is a natural reddish rock arch that goes all of the ways throughout the lake about fifty feet beneath. Many specialist businesses exist in Chefchaouen (as is common with Moroccan cities) that thankfully offer tours structured based on your own particular skills and wants to remember to experience the very best.

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